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Ideas deadline: July 2, 2019 12:00 am GMT

Film deadline: July 5, 2019 12:00 am GMT

About this project

The video goal was to explain the innovative multi-sensory course that teaches touch-typing, reading, and spelling and mainly aimed at children suffering from Dyslexia. The target audience is teachers and parents of dyslexic children. So the question was how to explain TTRS solution in an easy way and make the story emotionally charged? Moreover, the topic is quite sensitive to address children’s learning difficulties. Finally, we come up with a decision that nobody tells Mark’s story better than himself.

Project Prizing

$3,00 - $6,000


Receive proposals from our curated community of talented video creatives in 24-48 hours.


3 Weeks

Our aim

There are now more people aged over 50 than ever before, accounting for 35% of the population. However, a recent report shows that 78% of this age group feel under-represented or misrepresented in advertising, and often feel polarised by the advertising that is targeting them. Specifically, this is most common in the beauty, fashion, technology and travel industries.

We want to understand more about why this is happening, and we thought we would start by understanding more about the people it is happening to. This group is too big to be ignored, too experienced not to be listened to, and too complex to be polarised.

So, we want filmmakers aged 50+ help to create a portrait of someone you know, over the age of 50, who can offer an insight into this topic, and specifically these areas of interest.

We’ve got a lot of interest already from filmmakers around the world, but we are particularly interested in finding UK based filmmakers to complete the mix!

The Brief: People like you

We are commissioning filmmakers around the world, aged 50+, to create a portrait of someone you know, who fits this demographic, through the structure of an interview.

They need to be older than 50 and be happy to talk openly on screen. We are looking for honest, reflective people who won’t be fazed by answering questions on camera. Ideally, you’ll have a relationship with them already, i.e. a spouse, a sibling, a friend, a colleague.

Mofilm is commissioning this piece, so there are no brands involved. However, we want to share the insights we learn with our clients and on our social channels to encourage them to question their own prejudices and, ultimately, to make more relevant, engaging work for more diverse audiences.

The edit

As we will be working with many filmmakers around the world to capture these portraits, we are creating a style guide to ensure the technical setup, framing and structure of each interview is consistent. This guide will be shared with you at the next stage.

Once you have completed the interviews, all filmmakers will send us their footage. We will then create an edit (or a series of edits) which features all of the contributors, our ‘many voices’, giving us their perspective on these topics.

We may also ask a handful of filmmakers to cut an edit which features their chosen interviewee only, painting a longer, more intimate ‘portrait’ of who they are, and their perspective.


The tone is totally up to you, but this should feel more like an intimate conversation than an interview.

We’ll pre-agree a series of questions with you, and ask you to stick to these questions so that we have a structure to edit around. However, we would encourage you to build upon the conversation and ask other relevant questions as they naturally arise.

We are looking for authentic answers, so we want the interviewees to answer each question honestly, articulately and charismatically.

We want to see as much of them and, crucially, how you see them, as possible.


£500 per filmmaker


Raw footage selects (no editing required):

1 x clean PRO Res .mov file
1 x subtitled PRO Res .mov file (if not English speaking)
Audio splits

Make sure your contributor knows what the film will be used for and signs the Mofilm talent form. This covers a full buyout for all media.

Next Steps: Response to Brief

Prepare a short 1 or 2 page response, outlining the following:

1. Short bio & your recent work (update your One Media profile too!).

2. Who you propose to interview and why (a short bio; your relationship to this person; why you think they are a good voice).

3. Your proposed location: Ask them where/ how they would like to be seen?

4. Your practical shooting approach (kit, technical setup).

5. Interview topics: We have a particular interest in how over 50s feel they are represented (or not) in advertising, specifically in the beauty, technology, alcohol and travel categories. We will provide you with a list of questions we’d like to cover, but collaborate with you to explore others which are specifically relevant to your subject and their lifestage.

Final footage to be delivered: Friday 5th April

If you have any questions, please contact


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